About Luke

I’ve been digital marketing and making passive income online for over 10 years, and I’d love to help you do the same.

Heres my story.

My Story

My journey as a digital marketer began back in 2008-2009. 

At the time, I working as a full-time artist and knew for me to succeed, I’d have to take my skills into the online world.

Like most people, I had heard of people making money online selling art and courses and that’s where I wanted to head. 

At the time, I had basically zero skills in the digital marketing space, but knew I had the capabilities to learn the skillset to make it in the online world because I loved technology. (More on that later!)

After researching online course creation, various platforms & video gear, I ended up going down the deep rabbit hole of digital marketing. I should of just launched with a minimum viable product, but I went around in circles for months on end. 

The fear of failure and imposter syndrome held me back from launching into the online world. I didn’t think my work was good enough, and I didn’t feel people would like my teaching style. I thought I needed the best video production, the best online course builder and the best sales funnel to make it all work. 

I was wrong…

I read books from all kinds of online entrepreneurs – sending me from one thing to the next, learning all kinds of new skills. 

I bought one course after the other, built complex marketing funnels, wrote long email sequences, attended events, watched hundreds of webinars and learnt copywriting and paid traffic. 

I eventually got my course off the ground after 2 years of struggle, and I’m happy to report it it still regenerates passive income to this day. (And it’s even a best seller over on Udemy). 

Although I felt like I was wasting my time learning all kind of digital marketing skills, I eventually feel in love with the industry because I realised the HUGE potential to make wayyyyy more than I was in my current art based business.

The possibilities and opportunities were endless. 

Eventually, after 5 years of being a solopreneur in my art business, I faced major burnout and decided that I needed a career change. The chemicals, long hours on my feet, and demanding clientele drove me crazy. 

Within a month of throwing in the towel, my wife announced that we’re going to be parents for the first time. I was so excited, stressed and nervous all at once. 

Becoming a parent for the first time is a huge stir of emotions especially when you’re faced with some tough financial decisions. 

I decided I needed to take on full time employment just to have some stability in my life while we waited for our Bubba to arrive. 

For the next few years, I went into the corporate banking world. Eventually I was able to work my way into the digital marketing team, becoming the head Google Ads specialist and managing some sizeable monthly budgets. 

I enjoyed most of my time in the banking world, as I was always surrounded by amazing people (who I still speak to everyday). But there was SO much red tape and corporate BS that eventually started to wear me down. People with no marketing backgrounds or digital marketing experience trying to control campaigns was painful to say the least! 

During my 8 years in the banking world, I was still hustling on the side, making online profits through a number of new methods and strategies. (Many of which I cover on my blog). 

My online businesses were always turning over, making me money while I slept and I knew eventually they would provide me with a reliable and consistent income. It was a freeing feeling knowing that, unlike a lot of people in the bank, I could leave tomorrow and still have a source of income. 

My income wasn’t tied to a job. My identity wasn’t tied to a corporate title. 

It was crazy to me that people could stay in jobs they absolutely hated (and you could tell they hated it), but because they wanted a pay check at the end of the week. 

Some people had been at the bank for 20-30+ years, doing the same thing every single day. They watching time tick away praying for the day to be over. 

They weren’t living their lives. They had giving up on any kind of dream. They weren’t creating. They were slaves to the system. Slaves to a pay check. 

I NEVER wanted to be like these people. 

But, I had become comfortable in my job. I wasn’t doing any creative anymore, and I was getting itchy feet again. I wanted to leave the bank and do my own thing again.

I was scared that if I left the comfort of my job I might not be able to provide for my family and things would go sideways. 

And that’s when COVID 19 changed everything. 

The bank was faced with many difficult decisions, and many people in my workplace lost their jobs due to cuts. 

My entire digital marketing team was also cut, and the work was then outsourced to an external agency. 

I was given a small redundancy package, which I decided to invest in a high level Copywriting system. 

I spent $5,000 (USD) on a 7 week intense Copywriting mastermind, where 2 out of the 15 enrolments were offered a full-time 120k a year role. 

I gave the course 110%, and I was fortunate enough to be the first hire from the group.

The role had me working on high level funnels, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Copywriting, email flows and client management. It was intense and overwhelming but I loved it.

Unfortunately, because of some down turns in the US economy, it made it very difficult for the company to keep going, and I decided I’d move to running my own Copywriting biz for awhile.

I took on my own clients, built funnels and kept writing all kinds of copy. 

After 2 years of managing and working clients, I wanted to put all of my focus back into passive income streams. I now work for a boutique Agency in Australia and create content here on my blog, my YouTube Channel and my TikTok channel. 

I like having an even balance of digital marketing, passive income and creating content. 

I think balance is so important to happiness and wellbeing, and it’s one of the things I teach in my blog posts. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I hope I can help you start making income online, quit a job you hate, and take back your life with my recommendations.

Cheers, Luke.