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Agility Writer Review – The Best Content AI Writer I’ve Tried in 2023

Powerful AI Writing Software For Bloggers

An Excellent Open AI ChatGPT Writer That's Worth Your Time

Right now there’s a flood of new ChatGPT content AI writers hitting the market. I’ve tried most of them, but I really like Agility Writer for its 1-Click long-form, accurate SEO content. It’s fast, affordable, and great value for money. Plus, their service is excellent!

  • Ease of Use
  • Quality of AI Content
  • Value for Money
  • Inclusions


✅ Excellent SEO-friendly content (50-60% Surfer scores)
✅ Produces long-form content with one click
✅ Great for affiliate bloggers
✅ Easy to use
✅ $1 Trial


➡️ Like most content writers, it still requires some minor grammar checking.
➡️ I’d love the ability to easily add images

I’ve been manually writing sales copy, Facebook ads, Google ads, and landing pages for as long as I can remember. 

It’s always been a slow process, but I’ve always enjoyed it. I think I own roughly 20+ books on sales copy. Heck, I even paid $5k for a copywriting course in 2021 with Mike Shreeve. (Which, btw was worth every cent!👌)

But now we have incredible tools like Agility Writer, and Katteb that utilize the power of ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo and ChatGPT 4. Now, Instead of a blog post taking 6-8 hours to write, you can create high-quality articles and content quickly, that are SEO-friendly within a few minutes. Heck, you don’t even need basic writing skills nowadays! 

AgilityWriter is an extremely powerful tool that’s ideal for bloggers and niche site builders.

In this review, I go over everything you need to know about content generation tool that’s specifically designed for SEO-rich blog content. Is it worth the investment? Let’s find out!

Spoiler alert: This tool is crazy powerful. It produces high-quality articles that rank very well in the SERPs.


Key Takeaways (in case you’re in a hurry)

AgilityWriter is one of the best ChatGPT writers currently available because it consistently delivers rich SEO content that bypasses AI detection. (if you care about detection).

It’s very affordable and perfect for both solo bloggers ($28 or $25 with my discount coupon code) and large writing teams. You can get a $1 trial for Agility Writer that gives you 5 credits (equal to one really long piece of content, or two standard articles). 

What Is Agility Writer?

Agility Writer is a content writer that uses the power of ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo and ChatGPT 4 to help you produce well-written SEO-friendly content. It’s a very streamline software, that uses the most advanced ai currently available for content writing.

what is agilitywriter content ai writer

It has several powerful tools inside the platform that you can use to outline, plan and create content, all of which are aimed at individuals who write blog/long form/affiliate niche site content. 

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links. I take my time to write these in depth articles because I know it helps others make a sound purchase decision.

You can ask the tool to write short, standard, or long-form content depending on what you’re looking for or who the top-ranking competitors are for your chosen keyword.

It does a great job of putting together well-designed content outlines, bullet points, lists, tables, and Frequently Asked Questions. It also puts everything in the correct markdown formats (H1, H2, H3 tags) so you can quickly copy and paste it into your WordPress blog posts. 

Innovative Features And Benefits Of Agility Writer

There’s a heap of features inside AgilityWriter that I use daily at the moment. Here’s what you’ll find when you login:

1-Click Write

Enter a keyword phrase, hit write and the tool will do the rest! If you’re looking for speed of implementation, the 1-click writer is fast and delivers excellent SEO-optimized articles. I’ve used this a few times if I want Agility Writer to scan the SERPs and put together a short article that isn’t going to be indexed.

Advanced Mode

This is where I currently spend most of my time. I love the functionality inside the Advanced Mode because I can use a low-hanging keyword phrase from RankIQ or and let Agility Writer do all the heavy lifting. 

One of the best things about Agility Writer over its competitors is the fact that there’s the option to get accurate up-to-date factual data. Technically ChatGPT is still limited to data from 2021, so being able to bring in current data is a huge win in my books. I also love that it has the option to change both the tone of voice and perspective of the content (1st, 2nd, and 3rd person) making it ideal if you’re doing reviews of certain products. 

Bulk Mode

If the idea of cranking out mass amounts of content tickles your fancy, using the bulk writer will be a great option. Personally, I haven’t used this a lot, because my workflow is more focused on controlling the quality of the content – but there’s the option to tee up 50 articles and have Agility Writer crank out a mass amount of content for you. This would be one of the easiest methods to gain topical authority on a particular vertical, helping you to quickly move to page 1 in the SERPs.  

using agility writer to create a bulk article

Outline Builder

​One of the things I really loved about when I first tried it out was the outline builder. Agility Writer has currently one-upped Koala though. Its outline builder is more flexible and does an awesome job of pulling in your competitor’s headlines to help you craft an unbeatable article. Here’s how I currently use it:

using agility writer to create a product outline

1. Enter a keyword phrase “What’s the best guitar for a beginner”

​2. Let Agility Writer pull in the data from the top competitors

​3. Pick and choose the better headlines to add to your article (make sure you improve them, don’t copy and paste). 

4. Click the ‘Step 3 – Create Outline’ button

5. You’re ready to rock n roll! 

Product Roundup Review

No points for guessing what this one does 😉 Right now product roundup is still in beta, but it will essentially help you build a product roundup with a few clicks. Perfect if you’re looking to build a ‘best of’ money page or comparison page. You can grab links directly from Amazon, copy and paste them on the right-hand side, and tell Agility Writer how you’d like it to set things up. You can then get the specs together in a List, Table, or a simple Paragraph. 

There are heaps of additional advanced settings you can play with here too. You can also add things like keywords, tone of voice, audience, pros and cons list, images (imported from Amazon) and even the option to include FAQ’s and meta descriptions. It’s extremely robust and it’ll be something I use in the future once I build my second site out with more info content. 

Website Page

Out of all the copy I’ve personally done over the last 10 years, I hate webpage copy the most lol 🙂 I find it incredibly dry and boring. But there is a huge need for it. Having website copy as something you can automate is incredibly helpful. (especially if you hate writing content for generic B2C customers haha). 

​You have the option to add a business name, and the type of business (think plumber, builder, roofer, accountant etc). 

You can also add a specific audience if you know who will be reading the copy of your site.

Catchy Title & Meta Description

On the advanced writing page, one thing I’ve been using a lot is the option to create a catchy title and meta description. You simply click the box, and once your article is generated, you can scroll all the way to the bottom and find several options for an H1 header and meta description.

From experience with other tools, these are generally an afterthought and not worth your time – but I actually love them in Agility Writer! It’s a small detail but it saves me a heap of time when I’m trying to decide on the best SEO title for my SEO blog posts. 

History Tool

The history tool is where all of the articles you’ve put into the writing queue will be stored.

After the article is generated by the advanced artificial intelligence tool, you’ll be able to see each article in a list with multiple options for downloading. 

You also have the option to rewrite an article if you didn’t like the tone of voice or perspective (maybe it felt too robotic?) by clicking the small pencil icon next to the word count box. 

3 Awesome Ways To Download An Article

I absolutely love the fact that there’s the option to download an article in multiple formats. You can download HTML to copy and paste directly into WordPress, Word (.docx) (if you want to send to a writer or editor), or text only if you plan to add to another editor. (Maybe or similar). 

3 ways to download articles from agility writer

It’s a simple thing, but it really improves the process of writing and publishing my site. There’s also no limit on how many downloads you can do for each article which is a nice addition. 

Agility Writer Natural Language Processing

NLP isn’t a new thing, in fact, it’s been around for a longggg time and it’s used a lot in Copywriting and Marketing.

I asked ChatGPT to tell me how Agility Writer uses NLP and here’s what it came back with:

“Agility Writer is an AI-powered writing tool that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate high-quality articles. NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence that focuses on giving computers the ability to understand text and spoken words in much the same way as humans. Agility Writer’s AI algorithm uses NLP to analyze and understand the user’s input, such as a keyword, phrase, or paragraph, and then generates content based on that input.”


Articles That Pass AI – Should You Worry or Not?

At the time of writing this (April 2023), Google has officially said it doesn’t care if you use AI-generated content for your site, as long as it’s helpful to the reader. They focus on the end user’s experience at all times. 

sweet what does mine say gif


So does that mean we can start pumping out 20 articles a day and open the money floodgates with AI Content? 

Well, personally I don’t think that’s the case just yet.

I think the big G still knows what AI content looks like, even if it bypasses a tool like or ContentAtScale and it’s watching AI-focused blogs closely. 

I have zero data to back that up (until I run a case study), other than what I see on YouTube channels like this one and this one. BUT, I think if you approach ai writing tools the right way, and focus on the user’s search intent you can be wildly successful with it. 

Remember, Google prioritizes content that’s written for PEOPLE. They will rank an article higher that addresses someone’s question over an article that’s more focused on SEO.

This leads me to how I actually use Agility Writer to create helpful content:

My Current Approach with Content AI Blog Content with Agility Writer:

Step 1: Find a low-hanging fruit keyword that you can create info content for using or RankIQ.

Step 2: Use that keyword to create a well thought outline with Agility Writer, add LSI keywords if it makes sense

Step 3: Think about the person who’ll actually read this article and get benefit from it (Do they want a 1st person experience, or are they after simple how-to instructions)

Step 4: Get Agility Writer to create the content, then edit out all the rubbish that’s not valuable to the reader

Step 5: Using Grammarly, edit the content and fix all the typos and missing words (ChatGPT is still not very good at this)

Step 6: Do as much on-page SEO as possible

Step 7: Add to your site, include images, table of contents, schema, and everything else that makes sense

Step 8: Hit Publish

Step 9: Ask Google to Index via Google Search Console

Step 10: Ask Bing to Index via their Webmasters tool

Step 11: Check GSC and Webmaster tools to make sure the article ranked SEO Optimization

Okay, so here’s why I think Agility Writer has a slight edge over a lot of the other content-writing tools right now. It consistently delivers excellent Surfer SEO scores and it does really well with natural language processing capabilities.

Meaning the content it creates for you includes SEO-friendly terms in the right structure. Now, to be clear, I’m no coder so I don’t know how the software does that, but my understanding is it scans the SERPs to see what type of content is already ranking on the first page of Google. This has resulted in high-quality content that’s typically better than an entry-level writer that you might find on Fiverr, Upwork on

using agility writer with surfer seo

It then scrapes all the <H> tags, Related Searches, and PAA (People also asked) questions and uses that data to make sure the content it writes for you cover all of those points in a logical way. 

I think that’s a pretty incredible use of data. 

I know also does a similar thing, but I personally like the fact that I see everything Agility Writer is going to write about and move headings and FAQs around so it makes sense before I hit ‘Write Article’. 

Create Content For Top-Ranking Search Results

I’ve been watching a number of SEO experts on YouTube, Reddit and other social channels share their experiments with AI-only websites. Matt Diggity recently shared that he’s got a site doing over $8k a month that’s completely AI written. 

He used a combination of and Surfer SEO, but that shows you that it’s 100% possible to make it work. His site is ranking for niche site keywords and he’s turned that into a healthy monthly profit. Matt will more than likely flip the site (p.s. I love Matt’s course if you wanted to check it out) which I’m sure he’ll also share on his YT Channel.

I’ve tested, kattebs, and Agility Writer and I personally think Agility Writer currently has the best outline tool. I love being able to create the perfect article outlines in one click. It’s a massive time saver and I even use it for this site (that’s 100% human content btw). 

An Incredible Customer Service Experience I Need to Share

I’m old school when it comes to customer service. I like to speak to someone on the phone or live chat when I have a question or inquiry about a product or service. That’s why I wanted to quickly share the amazing experience I had with Agility Writer. Here’s a quick rundown of what happened:

  • I clicked through an affiliate link to sign up on YouTube
  • I filled in all my details and selected my plan
  • I selected PayPal as my payment method, which opened the PayPal web payment portal
  • The payment was processed, and I got a notification from PayPal on my phone
  • PayPal wigs out and I’m not returned to Agility Writer to finish the signup process
  • I’m confused, but I quickly get my invoice from Agility Writer confirming things went through
  • I try signing back in with my details but nothing works, and I’m starting to wonder what happens next 🤷‍♂️
  • I head to Agility Writers support page and send off a ticket, expecting a response within 24-48 hours 
  • I get an email back within 15 minutes with an apology for the issue
  • Adam gets me all sorted, and I’m up and running within 10 minutes
  • BOOM! That’s how you help new customers. Fast, efficient, and friendly. Thanks Adam! So, 10/10 for service Agility Writer, nice work guys. 

AgilityWriter Pricing & Offers

Pricing for Agility Writer is very affordable in my opinion, and if you’re a new blogger or a solo operator, the $28 option is an excellent option to start growing a new blog. 

agility writer basic plan life time deal
Basic$28 $25 per month
Pro$98 $88 per month
Premium$228 $205 per month
Elite$528 $475 per month
Ultimate$998 $898 per month

They currently have a 10% LTD available if you click through my link.

agility writer pricing premium pro basic
agility writer ultimate elite plans

Final Thoughts On Agility Writer – Is It Worth It?

Excellent AI Writer
AI-Writing Powerhouse

I’ve tested most ChatGPT AI content writers and Agility Writer is my go-to. It writes factually accurate, SEO-rich content that utilizes the power of ChatGPT 4.0. It also does a great job of passing most AI detectors. It’s a very affordable option for anyone wanting to get started with AI-generated content. 

I’m testing lots of ChatGPT ai article writers at the moment. They all over something unique, but I personally think Agility Writer produces the best quality content, that’s detailed, SEO rich, and perfect for niche sites and blogs. It also has one of the best outline builders and consistently achieves excellent Surfer SEO scores. If you’re looking for the best content writer in 2023, check out Agility Writer.

Try Agility Writer for $1


How much does AgilityWriter cost?

$1 to get started. And as little as $28 per month ongoing. This makes it one of the most affordable ChatGPT AI content writers available.

Does Agility Writer have a free trial?

Agility Writer has a $1 sign-up offer that gives you 5 credits that you can use to test the content creation process. 5 credits is 1 really long article or two short articles. I was impressed by the content I received back on the $1 trial and signed up for the $25 32 Credits plan. 

Is AgilityWriter suitable for bloggers? 

Absolutely. It’s the perfect tool for bloggers who want to produce high-quality content that’s factually correct and updated to date. You can write short, standard, and long articles within 2-5 minutes that rank well in the SERPs.

Can I customize the content generated by AgilityWriter?

Yes! You can customize the outline, number of headings, tone of voice, article length, target region, FAQ’s and much more. 

Can I publish the articles generated by Agility Writer right away?

Yes! Once you’ve finished writing the article with Agility Writer, you can copy and paste them (with correct formatting) directly to your WordPress site, reading for publishing.


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