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7 Best Lavalier Microphone iPhones | Reviewed and Compared [2023]


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What is the Best Lavalier Microphone for iPhone

The best lavalier microphone for iPhone is an important piece of equipment for any serious videographer or audio recording enthusiast. Whether you are shooting video on your phone or making a podcast, you need quality audio to make sure your message gets across.

But with all the different models and brands available, how do you know which one is right for you? In this article, we will explore the features of different types of lavalier microphones that can be used with an iPhone, so that you can choose the best one for your needs.

Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter

Originally included with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the Apple lightning to 3.5mm adapter allows you plug Lavalier microphones like the X and X into your iOS device still. Some of the microphones we recommend use the older 3.5mm jack for audio recording so the adapter is required.

Apple lightning to 3.5mm adapter for lavalier microphones
Apple 3.5mm to Lightning Adapter

Who Needs a Microphone for iPhone?

Lav microphones are prefect for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their voice recordings. Most people will use them for interviews, Podcasting, creating product reviews, vlogging, or live streaming. They can also be used for professional audio on Zoom calls, Microsoft teams and FaceTime chats.

Can you connect a microphone to an iPhone?

Yes you can! There are a number of Lav mics that connect directly to your iPhone for audio recording. This means you don’t need to purchase an audio recorder, and you can quickly and easily share files to your computer or smart devices. Audio captured using a Lav mic will also be much higher quality (with less background noise) than a the built in mic on your iPhone or iPad.

how to record with a microphone on iPhone?

Once you’ve plugged your Lavalier mic into your iPhone (either through the lightning port or Apple 3.5mm adapter), you can use the voice recorder App on your iPhone to start recording.

What is the best microphone for iPhone?

Good question! Our personal pick for the best Lavalier Microphone is the Rode SmartLav+. It has excellent audio recording, a dedicated iOS app, and comes with a wind shield and a carrying pouch.

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Best lavalier microphone iphone wireless

If you’re considering a wireless lavalier microphone for your iPhone, there are few options you might want to consider.

Recording Audio through the iphone lavalier lightning Adapter

If you decide to purchase a Lavalier microphone, you’ll need to make sure you either have the 3.5mm Apple adapter, or pick a microphone that is MFI lightning certified cable. Once you have the Lav mic plugged in you can record audio directly into the iOS device with the Voice Memos app or pick up a recording app from the App store.

What is a good quality lavalier microphone that can plug directly into a Mac laptop

If you’re looking for a good quality lavalier microphone to plug directly into a Mac laptop, I would recommend the Audio-Technica ATR3350iS. It’s a great, affordable microphone with a wide frequency response that will deliver crystal clear sound for all types of media recording. It also has a 3.5mm jack, so it will plug into your laptop with ease.

Plus, it’s lightweight and discreet, making it perfect for interviews and presentations.

What is the best Bluetooth microphone for iphone filming

The Rode Wireless GO II is a great option for iPhone, as it is specifically designed to work with iOS devices. It offers up to 200 feet of range for reliable, high-quality audio, and is easy to set up and use. It also offers a variety of features such as a headphone output and a built-in rechargeable battery, making it a great choice for anyone looking for convenience and high-quality sound.

Best microphone for Vlogging

If you’re a Vlogger and you want to improve the quality of your audio for your video content, having a quality lavalier microphone is a great choice. You can simply plug the Lav mic in, open your camera and start recording. The audio will automatically record through the Lav microphone instead.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you use a lavalier mic with an iPhone?

Yes! There are plenty of affordable lavalier mics available for the iPhone. For as little as $34, you can pick up the highly rated Galvanox lav mic that works perfectly with iPhone and iOS devices.

How do I use lavalier with iPhone?

There are two different types of Lavalier microphones for iOS (iPhone/iPad) devices. One that connects directly using the lightning port, and one that uses a 3.5mm and requires the Adapter 3.5mm adatper. Simply plug your Lav mic in, open the voice recorder app and your mic is now in use!

What is the downside of using a lavalier mic?

The downside to using a Lavalier mic is that you will need to attach the mic to your shirt or jacket to ensure the best recording levels.

Can I plug an external microphone into my iPhone?

Yes! You can use a microphone like the Rode SmartLav+ or if you’d like a bluetooth microphone, you should consider

Lavalier Microphone for iPhone How to Use correctly?

Not sure the best way to use a Lav microphone for your iPhone? Don’t worry! Simply plug it in using the 3.5mm adapter or directly to the lightning adapter – open the Voice Recorder app, hit record and you’ll be able to record high quality voice recordings.

Do lavalier mics need power?

Most lavalier mics do not need an external power source. They draw power from the iOS device they are plugged into – which makes them simple and easy to use!

What is a MFI Lavalier Microphone?

MFI or Made for iPhone means the device is specifically designed to work for iOS devices. It also means it meets strict requirements from Apple and is fully compatible with all iPhone models.

What is the best brand of lavalier microphone?

We recommend Rode or Boya Lavalier microphones as the best brand for iOS and iPhone.

What are lavalier microphones used for?

A Lavalier microphone provides much clearer audio recording in comparison to your iPhone or Android device. The microphone is also designed specifically to capture voice only and generally removes more background noise from your environment.

Best Lavalier microphone for iPhone 13?

Good news! The iPhone 13 is compatible with all Lavalier microphones mentioned on this post. You can also use any of the wireless Lavalier microphones mentioned above.


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